Sunday Morning Reading

Darling is a magazine which strives to promote a healthy perspective of the word "femininity."  Challenging societal gender roles which degrade and focusing on the inherent value and art of being a woman. Darling embraces not just equality of gender, but the ability to be a woman, who is also proudly feminine. 

Lovely and necessary. A grounding way to start the day.

Bits and Bobs

During my own wedding, I couldn't help but to snap a photo here and there. On this plate is the ring that Christopher handmade for our engagement, a necklace my mother gave me with a stone from my grandmother, a vase from a local ceramist, an antique pin which belonged to the sister of my now grandmother in law and the perfume Christopher made for me as a wedding gift.  I am very excited for our wedding photos from AFistFullofBolts to be ready. Until then, I look to the few photos I have to relive that sunny, fall day. 

For a local paper

My husband, the ShaveSmith :) is being featured in a local paper in the "maker" section. I got to interview him, which was oddly enlightening, considering he works at home and to snap a few photos of him working. Here is a last minute photo addition to the article. When it comes out, you can pick up a copy for free at the Bean Cycle or view it online.